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A new standard for self-custodial DeFi automation, position and treasury management.

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Built for Power Users, Asset Managers and DAOs

Console allows users to automate DeFi flows on their Safe while maintaining complete control of their assets. This is done without giving up any custody and without interacting with upgradeable contracts, or pooling funds. This lets you retain control of your positions and funds while getting automation and improved execution quality on your DeFi operations.

Powered By Safe

Console connects to your Safe as a Module, without any unwanted permission. It incorporates sub-accounts and individual safeguards for each strategy to ensure top-tier security without taking any custody.

Better, Automated Execution

Automate workflows, monitor positions 24/7, and execute gasless transactions with Console. Use Gelato or off-chain keepers for flexible execution and specialized transaction management.

Real-time Analytics & Monitoring

Console's infrastructure implements Brahma's battle-tested risk management framework, providing real-time PnL and optimal strategy health metrics for position and risk management.

Granular Control

With Console's user-friendly interface, you can optimize your DeFi investments through straightforward transactions, automations, risk setting adjustments, and secure access control management.

A Better Way To DeFi

Doing DeFi from a multi-sig wallet, while retaining control of your positions should not be a hassle. Console automates various DeFi flows for your Safe, ensuring secure positions and precise execution for you.

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Position management

Advanced order types


ETH staking


DCA automation

Seamless asset swaps combined with preferential execution modes that maximise your capital without the hassle of timing the market.

Your On-chain Control Panel

DeFi’s best use cases are arriving on Console. Whitelist, interact and access the best dApps, pools, bridges and automation facilitators with secured contract checks to keep you rug-proof and yielding.

Trust90 | Trust Security

Smart contracts review and audit.

Independent audits

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Experience an array of DeFi possibilities with Brahma Console first hand. Schedule an exclusive 1:1 with a Brahma rep to experience the new standard of DeFi.

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