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A new standard for self-custodial DeFi asset management and execution

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Built for asset managers,
on-chain treasuries and power users.

Console is a professional custody and execution environment that ensures advanced security for all your DeFi interactions. Seamlessly integrating with Safe as a custody environment, it provides specialised tooling for efficient fund governance and execution of DeFi transactions.

Powered By Safe

Console is built on top of Safe, leveraging the most trusted wallet infrastructure securing over $58 billion of assets. You connect your Safe to Console to access its power tools, yet maintain complete ownership and independent operation rights.

Unique Access Control

Segregate and manage risks by creating Subaccount environments with separate operators, thresholds, and granular transaction policies with token, contracts and amounts whitelisting to ensure ironclad fund governance.

Unparalleled Availability

With Console, your funds remain in your custody and ownership at all times in your Safe. You can always access, operate your wallets, change owners and more on Safe’s UI, independent of Console. This sets Console apart from other custody solutions.

Advanced & Automated Execution

Smart contract wallets custody improves execution with transaction batching into a single one, automating them, as well abstracting complexities of gas and transaction management, making recurring actions faster and cheaper.

A Better Way To DeFi

Doing DeFi from a multi-sig wallet, while retaining control of your positions should not be a hassle. Console automates various DeFi flows for your Safe, ensuring secure positions and precise execution for you.

Your Console




Position management

Advanced order types


ETH staking


DCA automation

Seamless asset swaps combined with preferential execution modes that maximise your capital without the hassle of timing the market.

Feature roadmap

Explore features Brahma is cooking for Console, and track upcoming one.
To guarantee a comprehensive testing phase, we've divided the alpha into distinct releases. With each release, we will unveil new and exciting functionalities for you to explore, test, and offer feedback on.

Release 1


DCA automation

Txn Builder

Txn Simulation

Setting payment token

Position metrics

Isolated Risk

Release 2


DAO mode

Multisig support


Safe import

Release 3



Address Book

Access Control

Custom Sub-Accounts

Your On-chain Control Panel

DeFi’s best use cases are arriving on Console. Whitelist, interact and access the best dApps, pools, bridges and automation facilitators with secured contract checks to keep you rug-proof and yielding.

Trust90 | Trust Security

Smart contracts review and audit.

Independent audits

Rahul Saxena

Parth Patel

Akshay Srivastav

Alpha This Way

Experience an array of DeFi possibilities with Brahma Console first hand. Schedule an exclusive 1:1 with a Brahma rep to experience the new standard of DeFi.

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